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Participated in the 2023 (10th) Epoxy Resin High-End Application Technology Exchange Conference

The "2023 (10th) Epoxy Resin High-End Application Technology Exchange Conference" was successfully held in Guangzhou. Wuxi Lahigh Engineering Design Co., Ltd. (Hereinafter referred to as Lahigh) as the only engineering design unit joining the epoxy resin industry association, was invited to participate in this exchange conference. Over 250 experts and representatives from the domestic and international epoxy resin industry chain, including production enterprises, research institutes, traders, and supporting enterprises, attended the conference to participate, learn, and discuss topics related to the development of the epoxy resin industry chain, enhance industry technical exchange, promote industry information sharing, and advance the development and innovation of the epoxy resin industry.

As the most significant and influential conference in the industry, the Epoxy Resin High-End Application Technology Exchange Conference invited nearly thirty industry experts to deliver insightful reports on the research and application of epoxy resin in the fields of copper-clad laminate, the 3C industry, flame retardancy, and some high-tech areas.

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 Outside the conference hall, a large number of high-quality enterprises exhibited their products. As a technical provider and engineering design unit deeply involved in the epoxy resin industry, Lahigh showcased leading domestic and international process technology know-how and classic project cases:

1.    180kt/a Bisphenol A Know-how

2.    200kt/a Electronic Grade Epoxy Resin Know-how

3.    20kt/a TBBA Know-how

4.    Various Special Epoxy Resin Know-how

5.    Various Curing Agent Know-how

6.    Diluent Know-how

7.    High-salt Wastewater Treatment and Recycling Know-how

8.    PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) Waste Gas Treatment Know-how


During the conference breaks, our company personnel answered and exchanged information on epoxy resin production unit consumption, high-salt wastewater treatment, chlorinated organic waste gas treatment, energy consumption, and recycling. We also discussed topics such as how epoxy resin enterprises can improve their product competitiveness in the market through process optimization in the context of expanding epoxy resin production capacity. Our company introduced our internationally leading electronic-grade epoxy resin process technology package, which, through more than twenty years of continuous improvement, significantly reduced the consumption of epichlorohydrin in the epoxy resin production process. With our proprietary high-salt wastewater treatment process and patented PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) tail gas treatment technology, we have truly achieved a circular economy in the epoxy resin production process.

After two days of introduction and exchange, the conference concluded successfully. We express our gratitude for everyone's long-term support for Lahigh, a member of the DKEC Group. We will continue to adhere to strict design standards, be courageous in innovation, and pursue excellence, contributing greater efforts to the construction and development of the epoxy resin industry. We look forward to our next gathering!