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Happy Women's Day

In March, the weather fluctuates between warmth and chill. 

Spring arrives with its gentle sunshine, tender buds scattered on branches, and budding magnolia flowers, cautiously approaching us.

March, the prelude to this splendid spring, gains extra warmth because of a particular holiday.

As the 114th International Women's Day approaches, to showcase the elegance of women and enrich their spiritual and cultural lives, the company organized a heartwarming flower arranging activity for all female employees on March 8th.


Even before entering the venue, the refreshing fragrance of flowers greeted everyone's senses.

Whether it's the passionate roses, delphiniums, sunflowers, or the simple elegance of chamomiles, daisies, or pine leaves, the youthful and sunny orange and white tones momentarily make the flower-loving ladies forget about their busy work, fully immersing themselves in the upcoming flower arranging activity.

The experienced floral instructor patiently explained the steps and key points of flower arranging and demonstrated them personally.

The ladies followed the instructor's rhythm attentively, trimming and arranging in an orderly manner.

Under the guidance and adjustments of the instructor, the ladies' wisdom gradually revealed itself.

Each carefully decorated flower, adorned by skilled hands, would give birth to what kind of artistic masterpiece?

Let us now enjoy the ingenious ideas from our ladies on DKEC.

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In addition to the elegant and fashionable flower arrangements, 

the company also thoughtfully prepared exquisite and delicious cakes for each female employee.

Besides experiencing the charm of flower arranging, they could also taste the sweetness of the delicacies firsthand. 

It was truly heartwarming and stomach-warming.


As an engineering technology group company integrating chemical industry, environmental protection technology research and development, engineering design, environmental protection equipment manufacturing, and engineering general contracting services, we attract talents from all walks of life on DKEC.

Just as each flower has its own unique fragrance, the female employees on DKEC are diverse: some are lively and clever, while others are steady and resolute. However, what they have in common is their active participation in various positions, contributing their talents to the development of the group.

In this fragrant flower arranging event, female employees from DKEC fully demonstrated their excellent creativity and hands-on abilities, while also enjoying the joy brought by flower arranging.

"As an eastern breeze rises overnight, the spring colors return to the mountains."

We believe that with the concerted efforts of all employees in the group, DKEC will also ride on the "eastern breeze" and welcome its own "spring" in the future.